Red Room Recording

I own Red Room in Seattle. It was a recording studio, but it just a mix room now. For local work I have gone back to recording at the amazing studios around Seattle. Click here for more information on what the space was.


Mastodon's Blood Thunder was named one of NPR's most important recordings of the decade.
Caspian - Dust and Disquiet Noisey advance stream
Screaming Females - Stereogum Album of the Week
Caspian - Waking Season Alternative Press Review

Want me to produce or mix your next record?
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When hired to produce I work with the artist on improving the song. That can include rearranging, part tweaking, sonic embellishments, tempo decisions, performance quality control, etc.


I mix 99% of the records I produce. I also frequently mix records I didn't produce so don’t hesitate to ask about that. I often works with clients that can’t attend with great results. Don’t hesitate to contact me and ask how that works.


I engineer all of the records I produce. Every once in a while I get hired to engineer for a producer or do a location recording of a live performance (Mono – Holy Ground NYC for example).