Matt Bayles: Producer, Engineer & Mixer

If you are here, you probably already know my name is Matt Bayles. I am a Producer, Engineer, Mixer and member of Minus The Bear. In this site you will find information about who i have worked with, some old MP3's, and links to these bands and labels pages. enjoy.


April 27, 2015

I am a producer/engineer/mixer/musician/studio owner based in Seattle since 1995. I was also a founding member of Minus the Bear. I left in Jan 2006 to put my focus back on making records. I have produced records for Cursive, Caspian, Mastodon, Isis, Minus the Bear, The Sword, Murder City Devils, Botch, Make do and Mend, The Blood Brothers, and many more.

Want me to produce or mix your record? Email Rene and Matt at AAM and cc me as well. I've been doing tons of mixing and welcome any chance to do more of it. I mix almost every record I produce so there is plenty to check out.

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There is also some random stuff of mine on Soundcloud. Currently just some ambient drone stuff.

8/21/14 update:

Recently produced another new record for Giza, mixed more songs for Painted Wives, mixed an album for A Sight for Sewn Eyes, and started a new record for Heiress and Blood Drugs.

late 2013/early 2014: Italy's Valerian Swing, and Spoils from Canada.

I also recently mixed a bunch of stuff that I didn't record.Painted Wives, Luca Brasi from Tasmania, Septa from the Ukraine, The Wakers from Denmark, He Whose Ox is Gored from Seattle. As well as producing records for XVIII Eyes, Dust Moth, Constant Lovers, Deadkill.

I mix virtually all of the records i produce, so if you need some mixing done, definitely hit me up.

Working on Dust Moth's first few songs. This band includes me along with members of These Arms Are Snakes, Undertow, and Eighteen Individual Eyes.

produced a record for Hand of the Hills which features members of Minus the Bear and The Quiet Ones..

In the last couple of months I wrapped production on new records for KENmode (Winnipeg), Akimbo (Seattle), Jack Dalton (Norway) and Anion (Vancouver, BC)

I also mixed new albums for Steak no. 8 (Belgium), We're Doomed (Nova Scotia), Curse of the North (Seattle), Zander (Brazil) and Overthrow (Norway).

Before that I produced, engineered and mixed new records for Ladyfinger (ne), Giza (Seattle), Caspian - Waking Season, Make do and Mend -Everything You Ever Loved, Minus the Bear -Infinity Overhead, Eighteen Individual Eyes - Unnovae Nights, Absolute Monarchs - 1, and Narrows - Painted.

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Email here for Red Room Recording booking questions.


Mastodon's Blood & Thunder was named one of NPR's most important recordings of the decade. Read it here.

Congratulations to Mastodon for being nominated for a Grammy for Best Metal Performance for Colony of Birchmen.Too bad Slayer won. Also Rolling Stone named Blood Mountain the #9 record of the year. Decibel named Blood Mountain their Record of the Year.


Latest gigs

  • Caspian - Producing new record
  • Foxing - Producing new record
  • Heiress - new record
  • Deathraid - new record
  • X-Suns - new EP
  • and lots more coming up that I can't always mention until it goes down.

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Production Work

all work below is Produced, Engineered and Mixed by me unless it say otherwise

  • Screaming Females- Produced new record, Rose Mountain
  • Grave Babies - Mixed new album
  • Moreland & Arbuckle - produced new record
  • Gibraltar - produced new EP
  • White Bear Polar Tundra - mixed 2 songs
  • Night Flights - Mixed new EP
  • Mother Crone - mixed new EP
  • Blood Drugs - Produced debut LP
  • Fortress - Mixing
  • Lunapar - Mixed
  • Septa - Mixed
  • Spoils - Produced EP
  • A Sight for Sewn Eyes - Mixed new record
  • In Aeona - mixed new record
  • Into Violence - produced debut EP
  • Dust Moth - Dragon Mouth EP
  • Raw In Sect - mixed new record
  • Giza - produced new EP
  • Gladiators Eat Fire - produced new record
  • He Whose Ox is Gored - Mixed new record
  • Valerian Swing - new record
  • Painted Wives - mixed
  • Luca Brasi - mixed full length, By a Thread
  • The Wakers - mixed EP
  • Hand of the Hills - debut record
  • XVIII Eyes - I'll Keep You
  • Sandrider - Godhead
  • Deadkill - No, Never!
  • Constant Lovers - Experience Feelings
  • Septa - Mixed LP
  • Caspian - Hymn of a New Generation
  • Plains - EP
  • A Storm of Light - Mixed Nations to Flames
  • Moreland and Arbuckle - 7 Cities
  • Death Raid - new record
  • X-Suns - Mixed EP
  • Metameric - EP
  • Numph -Mixed
  • The Shaking Sensations - Mixed
  • KENmode - Entrench
  • Akimbo - Live to Crush -
  • Anion - new record
  • Jack Dalton - new EP
  • Steak no. 8 - Mixed new record
  • Giza - EP
  • Overthrow - Mixed new record
  • Curse of the North - Mixed new record
  • Minus the Bear - Infinity Overhead
  • Absolute Monarchs - '1"
  • Caspian - Waking Season
  • Make do and Mend - Everything You Ever Loved
  • 18 Individual Eyes - Unnovae Nights
  • Cursive - Gemini
  • Mutiny on the Bounty - Trials
  • Narrows - Painted
  • Giant Squid - Cenotes
  • Canon Canyon - new record
  • The Calligraphers - debut album
  • Mirroring -engineered
  • Curse of the North - Produced EP
  • Nazca Lines - Produced new CD
  • Helms Alee - Weatherhead
  • The Sword - Warp Riders
  • Nighthorse - Perdition Hymns
  • Heather Duby - new EP
  • Mono - recorded and mixed 10 year anniv shows in NYC
  • Polar Bear Club - Chasing Hamburg
  • Giant Squid - The Icthyologist
  • Russian Circles - Station
  • Minus the Bear - Planet of Ice
  • Isis - In the Absence of Truth
  • Planes Mistaken for Stars - Mercy
  • Mastodon - produced Blood Mountain
  • Norma Jean - O' God the Aftermath

Older Mixing gigs

Selections from the Discography

  • These Arms Are Snakes - Oxeneers
  • Isis - Panopticon, Oceanic, etc.
  • Mastodon - Leviathan, Remission
  • Shawn Smith - Shield of Thorns
  • Rocky Votolato - Burning My Travels Clean. etc.
  • Botch - An Anthology Of Dead Ends, We are the Romans, American Nervoso
  • Brad - Welcome To Discovery Park
  • Murder City Devils - Thelema
  • Burnt By The Sun - The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good
  • Pearl Jam - Binaural, Yield (eng only)
  • Waxwing - One for the Ride, etc
  • Kill Sadie - Experiments in Expectation, etc
  • Sharks Keep Moving - Self Titled

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