Featured Projects

This is what I am currently working on
(If I can talk about it)

All Projects produced, engineered and mixed by me unless noted

Recently Completed/In Progress Projects

  • Dens - Mixed new LP
  • Bask - Produced and mixed III LP
  • Holy Fawn - Produced and mixed two songs
  • Gloe - Mixed Dead Wait LP - release date: 1/17/20
  • Pelican - Mixed Nighttime stories LP
  • Sorxe - Mixed The Ark Burner LP
  • Aaron Turner - Recorded and mixed Repression’s Blossom LP
  • Mamiffer- Engineer on The Brilliant Tabernacle
  • 1000 Mods - Produced and mixed new LP
  • Jupe Jupe - Produced and mixed new EP
  • Dust Moth - Produced new LP
  • Old Man Gloom - Engineer on new LP
  • Sumac - recorded new material
  • Misery Signals - Production and drum recording for new LP
  • Heron - mixed Sun Release EP
  • Service Animal - produced and mixed All the Wrong Defenses LP
  • Ocean Wires - Produced and mixed LP
  • A Storm of Light - Mixed Anthroscene LP
  • Via Vengeance - Produced and mixed new LP
  • Dryland - Produced and mixed EP
  • MXRCXL - mixed LP
  • Dirty Rugs - Produced and mixed Two Sides EP
  • Glorybots - Produced and mixed LP
  • Dearheart - Produced and mixed "Too Late, Doesn’t Matter" LP
  • Fallow Land - Produced and mixed “Slow Down, Rockstar” LP

Highlighted Recordings

Bask - III

Pelican - Nighttime Stories.

Mamiffer - The Brilliant Tabernacle

Foxing - Dealer

Caspian - Dust and Disquiet Also- Waking Season.

Screaming Females - All At Once

Dust Moth - Scale
Also- Dragon Mouth

Luca Brasi - Mixed By A Thread LP

Isis - Oceanic
Also- Celestial, SGNL 05, Panopticon, In the Absence of Truth

Minus the Bear - They Make Beer Commericals Like This
Also - Menos El Oso, Planet of Ice, Infinity Overhead, and others

Mastodon - Leviathan
Also- Remission, Blood Mountain

Botch - We Are the Romans
Also- American Nervoso, Anthology of Dead Ends

The Sword - Warp Riders

Pearl Jam - Binaural (eng)
Also- Yield (eng)

Norma Jean - O God the Aftermath

Russian Circles – Station

Murder City Devils – Thelema

Take a Listen

Rose Mountain by Screaming Females
Scale by Dust Moth
Dealer by Foxing
Dust And Disquiet by Caspian
Let's Get Beautiful by Gibraltar